July 2, 2012
By cheezcracker SILVER, Hot Springs, Virginia
cheezcracker SILVER, Hot Springs, Virginia
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I`m labeled a nerd because I wear glasses and because I`m smart. Why? Why are girls labeled for what they wear? Why are some guys labeled gay because of their hair and clothes?
Why do we as human beings allow this to happen to each other? I believe that we should be nice and not label some because of what they wear or how they act! They might be acting that way for a reason like maybe they are shy and don`t want to talk. Or maybe something has happened to them to make them mad and the only way to cope them is to be mean.
Why are so many people killed because of their labels? Like Tyler Clementi, he killed himself because of what someone put on the Internet. Why would someone want to even cause someone to go that far and kill themselves?
Why? Ask yourself this next time you want to label someone? Why?

The author's comments:
I wrote this because no one should go through this.

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