June 26, 2012
A girl comes home to an empty house. Her parents are out again. She heats up food in the microwave. She ignores the many expensive items that surround her. She goes to her room with her food. She does her homework and goes to bed.

A boy leans against a window on a bus. He repeated the conversation with his dad in his head. He has to go to Yale. He has to play football. He has to get a girlfriend. He needs to keep his grades up. Too much to think about. He gets off the bus and goes over to his friends that he knows don’t have a single competent thought. He goes home, eats and then sleeps.

A girl looks at her closet and wonders how bad she will be bullied. She goes to school with a sweater and jeans. She is shoved into lockers and sneered at by a group of girls. Apparently she is fat and will never have a date because she can’t fit into any clothes that might be pretty. She goes home and goes to sleep right away.

A boy unwillingly wakes up to find that it’s Monday. He goes to school and is teased for being smart. He ignores them and does his class work like usual. He goes home, eats with his family and goes to sleep.

A girl comes home from a tiring day at work. She looks at her surroundings. A dingy apartment. Cockroaches crawling up the walls. Beer bottles litter the carpet. She turns around to go out to eat. When she comes back, she cleans up the beer bottles and falls to sleep on the couch.

A boy holds his breathe. The house was filled with smoke. The smell was a mix of pot and alcohol. His mom is lying on the couch. She becomes fairly conscience and curses at the boy to clean up the mess. She passes out. He doesn’t clean. He eats some cereal and goes to sleep.

A girl runs to the hospital with a bag. She rushes in and goes to the receptionist. “I have it! Please treat him! Please!” The women at the front desk shakes her head. The hard earned money could do nothing now. She went home and barely slept.

A boy clutches his side. “Fag” A group of boys spit as they walk by. Adults that may have cared if they didn’t agree turned away. The boy went to the nurse. She sent him home. His dad didn’t acknowledge his presence as he got in the car. They drove home and the boy went to sleep.

A girl stares at the blood on her hands. It’s her fault. All her’s. Her fault. Everyone knows it’s her fault. Would they care? Would they notice? She looks at the blade. Too afraid of the pain, she washes her hands and the blade. She gets into bed and falls asleep.

A boy lays in the hospital bed. Stupid hospital. Stupid doctors. Stupid nurses. Stupid beds. Stupid food. Stupid death. Stupid disease. Everything is so stupid now. Nothing to do but die. Absolutely nothing to take your mind off of the ones that cloud your head. “I hate cancer” And he fell asleep.

A girl sits in the bathroom crying. The stick in her hand confirmed her worst nightmare. A result of the worst memory of her life. She tried to forget. She was almost ready to talk again. She was almost ready to touch other people. Now she was forced to remember, even in the dreams that she had.

A boy walks. He walks to where it all began. He walks past the parades, the parties, the people, the buildings, everything. Nothing could hurt him. Nothing could touch him. Nobody heard him. He was alone. All alone and he knows why. He was forever asleep.

These people are in your life. They are your neighbors, your friends, your classmates, the girl down the street, the boy in the black jacket, the popular girl, the nerdy boy, the bully, the bullied, the alive and the dead. These people are everybody. It’s funny how no one seems to notice.

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Camille1234 said...
Jul. 5, 2012 at 2:42 pm

his was really good it made me think about what I could do better. I didnt know how much bulling can affect people this was really good amazing :) keep up the good work :)


NerdFighter337 replied...
Jul. 6, 2012 at 4:58 pm
Thank you so much! When I started writing, it really wasn't my intention to write about bullying, but it became this and when i read it, I cried. I'm glad you like it!
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