She's the Girl

June 10, 2012
She’s the girl that sits next to you in class. Known either as the girl with the funny hair, the girl who’s over weight, or the girl with the big nose - no one bothers to remember her name. She's the girl that’s always the center of a joke; the one that’s constantly being called names and picked on, yet no one does anything about it. She’s the girl you don’t talk to because you believe all of those awful things others had said about her. She's the girl that doesn't fit in.

That girl is lonely, having no one to laugh with, no one to smile with and no one to call a friend. Walking down the school halls, she waves hello to you with a smile, but you turn the other way because you don’t know how much she really means it. Every day she walks to lunch, she sees all the other girls laughing and smiling with their many friends. She wishes to have just one person to call her own. That girl sits alone, because no one wants to sit with an outcast. And when she comes home to escape all of those problems, she comes home to only be placed in the middle of her parents’ divorce being told to take a side. When it’s over, she sits in her bedroom bottling up all of her feelings because she has no one to talk to, she has no one to cheer her up and to tell her everything's going to be okay.

All she wanted was someone to talk to. She’s beating herself down by the harsh words of others and her own loneliness. All she wanted was a simple hello in the halls, a simple “How are you?” or “Are you okay?” All she wanted was a friend because now, she’ll be going home tonight to open up her family’s medicine cabinet. When she finds the prescription drug, she’ll take one, and then another, and then another, until she realizes the bottles empty. She’ll slowly lose grip of her own consciousness, watching her own mother cradling herself in her arms as she screams, believing it was all her fault as the ambulance arrives. That girl sees her father crying for the first time, telling himself that he should have been easier on her, that it could have saved her. She sees her life slowly slipping away, until she finally takes her last breath.

She was the girl that tried countless times to start a conversation with you, to be your friend. She was dying in her own silence because you never bothered to talk to her those countless days she said hello to you. She was the girl that took her own life, the girl who would still be alive if she had just one friend. She was the girl that could have been saved if you would have stopped judging and just got to know her. She was the girl, you never bothered to help.

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Stand_Up said...
Jun. 19, 2012 at 5:50 am

I don't know how in the world this has received no comments yet.

All I can saw is WOW. This gave me chills, and let me tell you - I do NOT get chills alot when I read articles. What a powerful message! Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for posting that.

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