bullying is bad

April 29, 2012
By Ellyy BRONZE, Rabdolph, New Jersey
Ellyy BRONZE, Rabdolph, New Jersey
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Bullying is wrong in the eyes of most, if not all people who find that making the demeanor of another go down. I see bullying as something that an insecure person uses to make themselves feel better. I have been bullied before. It was not a kind of pushing, or shoving. My bullied experience was when a girl, Jessie, called me fat and taunted me saying I have no friends. The reason why this has bothered me was that, I am not fat and I am involved in many highly demanding sports. This is one of the main things on the subject of bullying, that happens in my school. This girl is also known as a “B****” by many people throughout the school because of her behavior towards others. I feel sorry for her at this point because she is now the one without friends because she points out the things at people that she knows bothers them, every day. I think that bullying is mainly started because of a hatred of one person and another. Also I find that many bullying instants start when somebody has done something the other does not like. Whether that thing is a grade, a feature or activity they have done or do. I think that there are many was we can help stop bullying, but I think it is entirely impossible to completely rid of bullying. I have never seen nor been a victim of someone who has been beat up. I think that if someone is really devoted t bullying, they shouldn’t just give consequences for the bully. I think that the bully should be talked to and they should find out what caused the bully to act in such a way. What caused this person to become mean and taunt others? If they could find out what if wrong with the bully first, and not give them the harsh consequences, then they will be helped. Look at the person first, not the consequences. People all have different views on bully instances should be handled, but I personally believe that if you seek what made this bully, this insecure person do this action, then that will help the situation. By finding the first cause, then follow it, you will eventually come to an end, the effect of the problems. My views on bullying are simply, how the bully, or victim’s, life is. Whether they are constantly in a bad situation with forcing people or their parents are not good influences on their children. The child, the bully, the mean person, whoever, we all has done bad things to others, whether we meant it or not. Everyone should at least try not to put others down, at least give it a try and maybe the problem can be fixed by a little bit. Finding what is wrong first, instead of jumping right into the problem is how the bad situations should be handled.

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i find that bullying is being recognized more and more

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