My bullying story

May 29, 2012
By Anonymous

This Past Fall I attended the Oyster Festival. I went with my family and I didn’t feel like staying with them the entire day, so I found a group of girls who are in my grade and I asked “Hey guys, do you mind if I walk around with you?” They mumbled something but I had no idea what they said but I took it as a yes. I stayed with the girls and every time I turned they would all ditch me, I didn’t realize that they were ditching me until they did it again and again. I felt weak. I felt like a loser. I felt broken. I said to myself “Why do I even bother making new friends if they don’t want to have any part of me?” I found a bench to sit on and I was by myself, I glanced at the girls (or should I say “the clique”) and even though I was sitting by myself, they would still run, laugh and make a fool out of themselves. I was so embarrassed to walk around alone so I just decided to hang out with my younger sister and her friend and they both told me” Kelsey there is a group of girls who were talking about you but not in a good way.” my sister told me every word that came out of their mouths. I told my sister “I had enough of these girls”. I went up to the girls I made sure they were listening to me because I was very hurt and I said: “I don’t know what game you girls are playing but I’m telling you right now that I do not like it at all. I’m sure you are trying to hurt me, but you did not hurt me at all. You angered me.” Inside I was crushed and I felt small but I didn’t let them see that. After I was so relieved and I felt finally felt stronger than the girls who I originally thought to be strong. As it turned out they were weak.

Bullying needs to stop. Everywhere I go I see someone I know or I don’t know get bullied and when I see that I think back to what happened to me and what I did to stop it. I remembered I didn’t have anyone to stand up for me but I stood up for myself and it worked. We have lost so many lives in our country from bullying and it still goes on. No one should feel the pain of losing a friend, or a child.

The author's comments:
this is a true story about me.

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