Teen Bullying

May 29, 2012
By Hannah Kaufman BRONZE, East Norwich, New York
Hannah Kaufman BRONZE, East Norwich, New York
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Everyday, teenagers get bullied and bully other people without a problem. Today, it’s really easy to bully people because of technology. It’s easy to go on the computer and say something about someone. I have not been bullied on the computer or witnessed cyber bullying, but I have been bullied. Teenagers today also bully people verbally. They talk about their peers behind their back and spread rumors about them. I have heard a lot of rumors being spread through-out my school. Some people bully their peers because they are jealous of them, or they want to get back at them for something. Some people even think bullying is okay.
In my gym class, there is a group of girls that think its okay to talk about people that are standing next to them. Everyday, they talk about me and my friends when they think we can’t hear them, but we can. They also say things about people that are on the other side of the gym.

Teachers and students throughout my district are trying to prevent bullying. They are trying to come up with different ways to stop people from bullying each other. Personally, I don’t think bullying can be prevented. Teenagers today are always on the computer and it’s easy for them to say things about people on facebook or on twitter. No matter what you do, teenagers won’t stop bullying people. I think, as people get older they stop bullying people, but teenagers think its okay to bully their peers. Because of bullying, more high school students are committing suicide. Hopefully someday, teenagers will realize that they shouldn’t bully their peers because it can ruin their life.

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