May 29, 2012
By DunnsGirl BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
DunnsGirl BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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Don't say you love me unless you mean it because i mite go and do something stupid like believe it

Bullying! Its every where i go.
You're fat, you're ugly, you should have never been born, everyone would be better off if you were just dead!
I've heard it all, to my face, to my friend's, just walking in the hall i hear people saying thing's like this everyday.
Kid's are now killing themselves because of what people like me and you are saying, doing.
They don't know where to turn, who to go to, or even if its safe to tell someone. they feel hopeless, like they don't have a reason to live, like there whole life has just been worthless, like nobody Care's about them, what the reason of living.

I have bullied before and i am sorry for whoever i may have hurt, bullying is serious, it is no joke.
When you call someone fat or ugly or stupid over and over again,they start to believe it, after they believe it, that's all the see, when they look in the mirror, a ugly, fat, stupid person is all there eyes let them see cause of what you have sayed what you have made them believe. You have made them look at them self different then what they really are, like they are worthless like they are all of those thing's when there not. I bet you think its all just a joke and its funny. Its not funny it hurts the person your saying it to, its killing that person slowly. That person your bullying is just taking in all that hate and abuse (mental) and you're just laughing... How would you feel if someone called you ugly and fat everyday?, you wouldn't like that would you? I'm pretty sure i can speak for all of you and say you would hate to be called those everyday pretty sure i can speak for all of you and say you would hate to be called fat, ugly, etc. everyday.
Bullying is something that happens daily, and it needs to stop!

I have a friend who tokes DIET pill's cause her mom and others call her fat when i personally think shes perfectly fine the way she is, she thought so to.. in tell people started telling her that she's fat. I have a friend that use to cut, people would tell her that she's ugly, fat, worthless, a slut, whore, that she'd be better off if she would just die already.
I hate seeing my friends in pain, cutting themselves, taking diet pill's. There both beautiful, smart, kind and more.
My friends were in pain because of what others have been saying.

My friend that was on diet pill's.... I toke them from her and had her work out with me every week, she's doing better but that's only cause she has support most of the time not everyone has the support they need to get through things like bullying cause everyone turns agent them, even there so called friends.
My friend that cut herself.... Doesn't anymore cause I told her what she really is (Beautiful, Smart, ext.) i helped her through everything if she was having a bad day she'd just walk down to my house and we'd talk about it and how she could handle it.
Be that friend, that support they need, be there for them through good AND bad, i mean would you want someone to be there for you in this time help them get through it.

I know must of you wont stop bullying but remember this... every time you bully someone your giving yourself on more tear for the long run..


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