People Altering Space

May 25, 2012
Everyone is capable of altering space, whether they realize it or not.

Bullies have terrorized playgrounds for years, always choosing the small, different. meeak, young kids as their victims. Yet, every once in a while, a kid confronts the bully, despite visions of the bully beating the rebel kid into submission. The bully, not used to dealing with challengers, hopes to frighten the kid by appearing as ferocious as a four-foot-tall boy can be. The little kid glances over at the crowd which has gathered to watch. The rebel has a decision to make-to stand and fight, or to run. The kids in the crowd are mostly eager to see a fight, but there are a few who have hope shining in their eyes. The rebel takes one more look at the crowd, spies those few hopeful kids, and decides not to run. As the fist-clenched kid comes closer and closer, the bully starts to back off. He does not like that maniacal look on the rebel's face, so he scampers off to the other side of the playground. With relief, the rebel turns and faces the crowd; cheers splice the air. The kid is an example of someone who had altered space to achieve an improved atmosphere for his fellow classmates.

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