Craft for the Crime and Criminal Mind

May 24, 2012
Everybody's dropping dead as if it's raining pennies and dimes
What's wrong with the world? Completely riddled with Crime
Mugging and robbing and hearing all these guns shooting
Why can't we save it for the battle field for the soldiers we're saluting
Throwing words like knives ruining lives
I just wish the world would see I got no tricks up my sleeve
This world needs some change just a little more acceptance
It wouldn't be too hard if we all just had a little more persistence
This was supposed to be a place of freedom which we all believed
But if you looked a little deeper you would see we're being deceived
People hating on each other just because they're weird
People beating on each other just because they're queer
Looking down on the poor when all they do is try
While rich people don't have to do much to get by
Just forget the hating and start relating
To all the people of the world regardless of who they are dating
Don't bash cause of someone race or disgrace because they don't have the same face
Just love one another and don't bother
others forefathers just because they're not like your father
Just think of the beauty and reality of the living
Of how we all should be forgiving
and look around
and help those who breakdown
Hug those who frown and save those who drown
in their own sorrow
So open up your eyes
and realize
the beauty we could reach
even with just one speech
one voice
one choice

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AngieMinaj123 said...
Mar. 14, 2014 at 6:27 pm
That is sooooooooo beautiful
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