Don't Tease, Make Peace

May 24, 2012
By Elleena Parsa BRONZE, San Diego, California
Elleena Parsa BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Nowadays society has become more cognizant of bullying in schools nationwide, especially by celebrities who see it destroying the youth. It morally and physically degrades self-esteem. Bullies in school love to make other lives miserable with caustic language that can lead to deadly consequences as have victims who have unfortunately ended their life. It needs to stop, and it is only and only going to be by students. Only the students are able to make each other understand and stand up for what they know and feel is right. It’s easy to just sit back and let it happen, but itshouldd be just as easy to report a witnessed incident. I am going to be honest and say that I have seen some form of harassment in school and have let it happen, in which I regret. School should be a safe environment where one comes to expand their knowledge. The issue should be treated like an epidemic, contained and under control. If each school in the nation has anti-bullying lectures, many will be aware of signs and ways to be more than a bystander. No one personshouldd go home and cry themselves to sleep because of bullying, or feel they are inferior to anyone. I remember in junior high when I was teased and thrown food at, and at first I was scared to speak up but I had enough self-worth that I acted like the better person by ignoring her. I was hurting inside and felt worthless, but I now know that there is extreme bullying out there from experience. The word “bully’s” negative connotation sends shivers down my spine to know that kids are judgmental and discriminate at such an early age. It could be television; it could be social influences, or family situations, that can trigger violence. As a teenager there is a constant fear of being an outsider, which sometimes crosses my mind. Childrenshouldd be taught to be open-minded and interactive with another, and most form cliques. In school I have observed verbal taunts to special needs kids, the timid, and cyber bullying. These people add to the diversity of a school, andshouldd not be bullied because they don’t act like everybody else. Yet students don’t take the issue seriously because if it doesn’t affect them they don’t bother to help each other. Just like schools have academic classes, they should also add on discipline classes because if they don’t learn it at home, they can learn it at school if it becomes curriculum. Bulliesshouldd not be allowed to be given that power. Any country and stateshouldd lawfully be abided to stop bullying because its effects can alter one’s life forever.

The author's comments:
Being a teenager in this society, I am vulnerable to judgement and bullying. I have observed how cruel girls my age act to one another and try to fit in to exclude the feeling of being outcasted. I hope to inform teens that bullying is an issue that needs to be stopped because it hurt's people to an extent in which they can't live anymore, and it hurts me to know anyone feels like they have no other choice.

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