Is It Human Nature to Bully?

May 24, 2012
By Rahat BRONZE, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Rahat BRONZE, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
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Human nature since the beginning of human civilization has been associated with competition among one another. People have always been trying to be better than someone else they know, someone else they admire, someone else that they never met; they always try to better themselves. Human beings never believed in equality, and it has always been an ideal situation. That is why Soviet Union failed, that is why communism does not work and capitalist countries stand strong. Equality itself is an ideal world, and without equality, a world without bullying is ideal as well.

Recently people have started noticing and caring more about the bullying issue in high school level, but it has always been there. It has not only been in the high schools, but rather everywhere if not all. Professions have bullying, society have bullying, cultures historically have bullying incidents. Social Darwinism is a perfect example of bullying. People with more social power have always monopolized their authority and taken over people’s daily life that has less authority than them. Victims of bullies have always tried to revolt and take some authority, but have always failed; Pullman strike was when the laborers with less authority tried to take on authority from their higher ups, but rather failed by the government help. Bullying is not stoppable in societies where people have authority, where people have superiority, and where people have competition. As human beings, people like to be superior from others or like to be seen as superior, and when that does not come from anything else, they start bullying. This can hint that bullies actually bully because of fear. They fear to be seen inferior. Since people usually don’t like others who are looked down on, they fear hated, they fear to lose their family, lose the ones they love. So why is it so hard to stop bullying? That’s because like previously addressed, equality is ideal, and if there is no equality, someone must be more authorized than the others, and then either the less authorized people would start bullying to feel superior, or the more authorized people would bullying the less authorized people by the over use of their power. One would do it to get more authority and equality, and one would do it for amusement, and neither one is stoppable. Even if laws are made, it would be impossible to enforce because the definition of bullying is vague itself. Everyone has their own definition of bullying. According to the dictionary definition, the assault has to be repetitious, but someone might be afraid of another person due to his/her one time assault and that would not be bullying, but it would do the same damage. And if the laws are made, it would not affect these kinds of people, so after all it is not possible to fix the bullying issue, but rather reducible by more security hired to watch for people being harassed in high schools or any other place.

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