May 26, 2012
By ShelbyE SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
ShelbyE SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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In the words of Taylor Swift “Why you got to be so mean?” Taylor swift not only sings about bullying but her song is based on her own experience. She writes about critics who attack her singing and songwriting and that’s a whole new type of bullying of its own. Why do people bully? Because they feel like they can. And If they think can bully someone, then they don’t stop. You can’t just ignore them either and believe me I’ve tried. It’s also not the best idea to fight fire with fire, that only makes you as low as them. Once again, I’ve tried it and I don’t recommend it. Teens that are bullied need to stand up to bullies. Let the bullies know you won’t stand for their insults, glares, or physical abuse. You’re tired of it and that it needs to stop is the message to get across.
Bullies bully because they feel the need to be superior and be better than you. They believe that you will shrink and fade away, but if it happens at school of course you can’t go away, you need to be there, so they tease you year round. You need to stop them. Don’t sink to their level, don’t use violence, and don’t endanger yourself in any way! Tell your parents, tell teachers, tell any adult who can help you with your bullying. Don’t fear that the situation will get worse because there are people there who can help you.
I have been bullied too, and I still am. In a way everyone is, especially in high school. With the way kids treat each other at my school it’s hard to believe anyone is safe from bullying. When I was in the third grade I was best friends with a girl named Erin. In fourth grade she started acting rude and mean and ignoring me and even getting my other best friend Rebecca to act horrible towards me. Every day they would act as a team, whispering at me when I would walk by and telling me that I was gross and ugly and stupid. Every day I dreaded going to school because I had to deal with their insults and laughs and glares and they hurt so much. I also couldn’t do anything about it. I had to endure their torture until Rebecca became my friend again and my dad's job moved my family and me half a country away from Erin.
But before I moved I had fought fire with fire. When Erin whispered into my ear “You’re ugly.” I responded with “If you want to see ugly go look in the mirror Erin.” But it didn’t help, she continued to pursue me and I felt horrible for seeing the hurt look on her face and I vowed to never hurt someone like that again and I never have. I also promised that I would defend others from bullying too, like I wish someone had done for me.

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MirandaK said...
on May. 30 2012 at 6:28 pm
Fabulous article!  I love how real it is!


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