It's Practically Dead (Me "Ranting" About Current Social Issues)

May 25, 2012
By Anonymous

*Before I start this, I would like to warn you that I will be talking about topics that may be offensive to some people and that this is not meant to offend anyone. Thank you.*

Right now, I'm really annoyed withe thee fact that a lot of people are saying that bullying is a growing problem and racism is still a big problem in thee U.S. among teens in high schools.

First, let me tell you that both of these statements are wrong. I have been bullied multiple times ever since 6th grade and I can tell you firsthand that bullying isn't a growing or big problem in our schools. It's actually the complete opposite, it's DECLINING!! I have rarely heard or seen any form of bullying my whole life, except for it happening to me. I see all of these videos and programs in our schools to try to end bullying, online and offline, and I laugh at them (in my head). They try and unite students against something that is almost nonexistent, just like the NRA (Joseph Kony's army in Africa).It's one of the biggest scams and fails in the history of education, and I'm surprised that nobody else has ever noticed it. The same goes with racism. The only two forms of racism that I have ever seen were in old movies and some of my friends making racist jokes and having people of the race that it was about laughing along with the rest of us. Racism and bullying are practically dead and I'd wish that people would stop talking, complaining, and making programs/organizations to stop them.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this after hearing and reading about the things mentioned in this article and my personal beliefs and/or experiences on these things.

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