The Dance

May 25, 2012
By Anonymous

The moment I saw the girl dance,
I knew I loved her
Her grace, her poise left me in awe.
But when she spun around on that wooden stage,
I hated her.
We could never be in love,
She was too different
She was black and I was white.

The audience was full of love tonight
Each face filled with light
I saw a boy from my school
And right then, I wished I had been more cool
But I still knew I was, for with every step I took
He couldn’t help but look.
Tomorrow at school, he’ll tell me I was amazing
As the love between us is braising
He’ll say he loves me, and I, the same.

I saw the girl with magical feet today,
And to my class I was delayed.
She spotted me, too.
But flew before I could croon.
Slipping away with her darkened face.
Then, I realized her place.
I laughed.
My laugh was joined by those around me.
She came back, with teary and confused eyes,
But I kept laughing.
She ran away from the hallway.
And slipped into a little room.
We stop and return to our lives, worry free.

The closet is dark and cold,
Where rats seem to grow old.
A pail, a sponge and a broom,
Seem to be all that bloom.
I wail into my arms
And hear a loud knock on the door.
A man comes and sits next to me.
I try to flee, but he holds me down.
He consoles me
Tells me that everything will be fine
That I will once again shine.

I saw the girl get out of the closet with a man.
I turn around and tap the girl’s “fans.”
They all laugh and point
And I do so, but without a reason.
The girl runs away in tears,
But now, the man doesn’t follow her.
He comes to me instead.
He drags me by the collar,
Pulls me along to where the girl stands.
I fall before her,
And she falls down to me.

Why is he crying?
The boy who stabbed me in my heart,
That’s not fair.
Why do I pity him?

I feel awful.
This girl is crying because of me.
I meant no harm.
All I did was love her.

The man pulls me off of the ground
He brings me to a room
He sits me down at the chair
And sits behind his desk so fair
He talks to me like a friend
But to the conversation, I see no end
However, it comes
He gets up and hugs me
He tells me that the boy was mean
That he will have to pay
That I will remain untouched by the dirty world
That the boy tried to lead me to
He tells me that I am who I am for a reason
And that I should never change
Because I am special in my very own way.

The author's comments:
As I was writing this piece, I tried to create a story that offered my readers a chance to view both sides to a potential bullying situation- from both, the aggressor's point-of-view as well as the victim's. With each stanza I created, I hoped to develop a detailed character. A character that would capture the heart of any reader that read my poem. Also, I hope that any reader who has ever experienced bullying knows that aggressors are the true victims because they are depriving themselves of a wonderful world- one filled with unique people like you. Furthermore, I would like the reader to understand that there can be an end to bullying as long as you get help because, at a certain point, it is too much for a single person to handle. And for those that are the aggressors, my poem would like to tell them to respect each person for who they are; that is what make our world the diverse place it SHOULD be. Everyone should be unique, no one should be the same because, if that were the case, I world would be boring and we would not have experienced the wonderful events that have changed the world in numerous ways. WIth diversity, NO ONE can move further....

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