May 25, 2012
By heynow123 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
heynow123 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Bullying is most obviously a problem between students, especially in middle school. Being the victim of bullying, I understand what it feels like. There are so many profound things that other victims can do to prevent bullying. And although the students may not feel empowered enough to take a stand, I feel that teachers should be more involved.
I have great teachers, and I have throughout my entire life. But as they watch me grow, they don’t see what goes on in the hall, at lunch, or on the bus. Middle school men and woman are mean, but the teachers don’t hear it. I’m not saying that the teachers don’t care about the student-to-student relationship, but they don’t say anything to or about the bully unless the victim says something! With all due respect to my teachers, it makes sense that they wouldn't know if we didn’t tell them, but overall, our teachers should be able to observe the attitude that is given off from the bullies, even in class. Some teachers do see it, but either ignore it completely or just say, “Stop.” But never actually take true action.
One time, I saw the regular clique of popular kids sitting at the table. There was one seat left. A girl who is just constantly bullied sat down. Instantly, all at once, the others stood up and walked away. She sat there all alone, the rest of lunch. This has happened to me as well. Not at lunch, but in classrooms, I will end up sitting by myself, watching the others just have fun and laughing. There is rarely a time that I feel happy to be at school. It’s very tough to feel unwanted and shamed for any imperfection. Guys at my school expect us to look like Victoria’s Secret models. And the teachers shrug it off and consider it a joke. At school, there are most definitely those people who bully others every day in some form. There are also those who don’t bully people very often, but when they do, it’s usually very mean. Then, there are those who get bullied. To my belief, the latter of the three are the majority of the students. Teachers should be able to walk out in the hall and see SOME form of bullying in the hall. I believe that action should be taken immediately.
Teachers should have a larger effect on bullying that is observed in such classes and schools, even if the students don’t speak up. Teachers should have more of an authority over students’ behaviors, and I am an example of how harsh behavior can change someone’s life. Because I’m not the only one, it is obvious that bullying is a problem in all middle schools.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because bullying (at least at my school) Is getting out of hand. I hope that others will realize that they are not alone.

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