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Bully and Bullied

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I see the world in black and white.
A fist raised, a word said.
It's all just meaningless to me.
After all, what's a bit of teasing, right?

I cry a lot from shame
Day to day, night to night
It would mean the world to me to fit in
To see the world in a different light

No one cares what I do
They know it's nothing bad
Sure, a few kids call me mean
It's just because they're sad

I care what he does. I care a lot.
He makes my life a living hell.
He's mean and selfish
Because of him, I live inside a defensive shell

Why should I stop?
I'm having so much fun.
It's just a harmless word across the air
Bathing in the golden sun.

I wish he would stop.
I wish for it every morning when I wake
And if I must endure this torture
What difference does one little life make?

It's nothing. I swear.
A meaningless war between me and a guy.
He doesn't believe I hate him.
He doesn't really cry...

A necklace of rope. A blade with blood
One final blink to end this life
To show he can't control me.
No longer shall I have to hide...

Did he really kill himself?
All because of me?
I should've known.
I should've seen.

It's too late, can't be taken back.
He never knew he could break a soul
A single word that left his mouth
would mean so much more down the road.

Think twice before you bully
Even if it's meaningless to you
Though that boy used the blade, you ended his life.
That shall forever hold true.

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