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May 24, 2012
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Bullying can be another element to add to the long list of disasters among the human race, including homicides, and poverty. These types of destruction force human beings to live life in fear and make us lose direction of which way to go in order to get back to our homes safely. Bullying is a widespread issue that can have a severe impact on a child’s future and their performance in school. It can happen to anyone at any age and at any time. Every day, children all over the world dread at the thought of going to school because of the way they are treated by a certain person or a group of people. Unfortunately, the majority of these students are terrified of the idea of asking for help from a teacher, friend or even a parent. The longer the student keeps it to themselves and do not do or say something about it, the worse the situation gets. Sadly, instead of asking someone for help, the most common way for a student to deal with this pain and fear is by taking their own lives. This particular action was committed by a Massachusetts girl not too long ago after she had continuously been bullied simply because of the person she chose to be.

When someone is bullied, they are constantly physically and verbally harassed by another individual. There are many reasons for this, including the biggest one which is because of their appearance. When someone is picked on for the way they look, it can rip their life apart emotionally. When the teasing and harassing arises, a student’s performance in school can change dramatically. Most importantly, bullying can lead to depression and create distaste in their life at home and in various activities. School is where the torture began for victims. That’s why the school system should be responsible for seriously educating students as early as elementary school. As a reminder, bullying can happen at any age and no kid, teenager or adult ever deserves to go through something as terrifying as bullying. Bullying takes away a person’s desire to live and forces them to find their own happiness at some place other than Earth. Phoebe Prince was forced to end her life abruptly after she could no longer tolerate the abuse by her fellow classmates in South Hadley, Massachusetts on January 14, 2010.

There are a lot of people across the world that don’t know and may never know how serious bullying can be. Humans are given only one life to live and they should be allowed to freely live their life with happiness and joy in that only life they have. A bully has no right to exist because being a bully does not make them happy; they only harass the innocent because of their own insecurities. Unfortunately, those who have taken away their lives did not get the chance to realize this.

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