Who gives the right to bully?

May 24, 2012
By Sadiki Solomon BRONZE, Roxbury, Massachusetts
Sadiki Solomon BRONZE, Roxbury, Massachusetts
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Bullying is incomprehensible and just plain stupid. In America, there is a huge increase in the amount of teens who are bullied daily. What makes a teen want to bully another teen? There is absolutely no gain out of hurting another human being for no reason. If a teen bullies another just to watch them squirm so they can have a laugh, isn’t that a bit sadistic? The need for peer attention causes someone to inflict pain on another individual which causes future repercussions for both the bully and the one being bullied.

Bullying is to constantly bother someone after repeated statements to stop. Recently there have been more and more coverage of teens that have been bullied going on a killing rampage or committing suicide. Yet, there are those who continue to bully the poor individual who wants to go on with their life uninterrupted. How can someone bully another until their death or a death to another? It makes it seem like it was their plan the whole time, but it isn’t. It’s just being plain off evil on their part. Even though they know that there is a possibly that it will result in the death of someone, why would some teens bully others?

In school, students have playful banter towards each other because they believe that they can handle it. However there are some people who don’t know the difference between playful banter and insults. It leads to them misunderstanding and then there is conflict between the two students. There are these two students, I’ll call them student X, and student Y. Student Y and student X are both friends. Student Y made jokes about Student X thinking thye could handle it. However this caused a bit of conflict between the two students. Luckily the two students made amends. Playful banter can be classified as bullying if the other teens take it negatively. However if not then it’s just playful teasing, it all depends on how close the two teens are.

Bullying is a very horrendous thing to do; it mentally destroys the person being bullied. It causes one’s self-esteem and confidence in themselves to drop. Not only does it cause pain to the one being bullied but it can also affect the community the bully is in as well. It can make students to not want to try as hard in school in fear of being the bully’s next target, because that could possibly be one of the reasons the bully is after the person. Bullies gain their power from those around them, without the support of the community then bullies aren’t anything. Rather than creating rules to apprehend bullies, there should be a system where it teaches students to not ignore bullying when they witness it because bullies won’t stop until they know no one supports their actions. Bullying is just plain off unnecessary and needs to go.

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