Not Loved Only Hated

May 24, 2012
By angelwings14 GOLD, Toledo, Ohio
angelwings14 GOLD, Toledo, Ohio
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I walked into my new school expecting a brand new start.My last school only liked me because of my illness. As I walked through the doors I saw cliques everywhere. "I wonder which one I belong in" I thought to myself. I went to my locker and got ready for class. When lunch came around I didn't know where to sit. I got my lunch then sat down at a table near the window. "Um excuse me" a voice said, I looked up. "Yes" I asked. "You're sitting at our table" she answered pointing towards herself and her friends. "Well can't we just share the table? I'm new here and I don't know anybody" I said hopeful. The girl and her friends started to laugh. "Look here newbie" she said making me stand up. "I'm the queen bee of this school. I don't sit with nobodies like you. Your table is over there." She pointed at an empty table with about 3 people sitting at it. "Now get your stuff and leave" she growled. I picked up my tray and started to leave. "Hey newbie" she said, I turned around and she knocked my tray out my hands. "Welcome to my school" she sneered then sat down. Tears in my eyes I walked over to the table she pointed at and walked over. "H-Hey you guys" I said nervous once I walked over. They looked at me then left. "Look everybody! The losers left the newbie! She doesn't even belong with them" a jock yelled. The whole school started to laugh and point at me. I ran out the cafeteria and into the bathroom. There is where I cried my eyes out.

The rest of the school year was no better. I never found a friend. I always ate in the bathroom, the only place I had peace. I was slammed into lockers and tripped in the hallways. I was always the center of every one's joke. My Facebook page was full of hate. I never told my mom what was going on. Instead I snuck into my mom's room and got her pain killers. I got a class of water then went back to my room. I put a palm full of pills into my hand. "I'm sorry mommy" I whispered. I put the pills in my mouth and swallowed them down with water. By the time my mom got home it was too late, I was dead.

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