Are you a Bully?

May 24, 2012
By cassidy poznanski BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
cassidy poznanski BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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In order to truly address “Bullying” we must first clearly define its meaning. Then we need to review our own behavior/actions honestly, without excuses. Have you participated, whether by leading, following, or simply ignoring?
What is a bully? Many believe bullying is a physical action or the threatening of physical action. This is only a small piece of the definition. Have you spread lies and rumors, called someone names, made fun of someone, made someone feel like or told someone they didn’t belong, weren’t worthy, or didn’t exist? Are there people you only talk about or to if you are saying something hurtful or humiliating? Do you use texting, facebook, or twitter to attack people, directly or indirectly, and think it’s acceptable because you’re not saying it in person? Have you stood by and watched someone be attacked or teased? Have you laughed about it? These are forms of bullying that are just as destructive, but you already knew that didn’t you? Somehow we escape consequence because “it’s only words”. After all most people chalk it up to being “a normal part of growing up”, “kids being kids”, “normal high school drama”.
Until we all, parents, children, teachers, and society change our way of thinking nothing will change. When we choose to not accept others being intentionally targeted and suffering physical, emotional, or verbal abuse for no purpose other than the attackers own self-gratification. When we choose not to follow the pack like sheep and join in but instead stand up and lead even if it’s not the “cool” thing to do. When we choose not to turn a blind eye to other’s bad behavior or another person’s suffering. When we all choose to see people as individuals all deserving to be treated like we want to be treated. When we all stop making excuses and call a Bully a Bully only then can we enact change. We need to ask ourselves why we think we have the right to destroy another human beings body and spirit. More importantly why we wear it like a badge of honor, status, or popularity instead of the dishonorable, disgraceful act it is. It’s great that people are talking about it, movies are being made, and influential people are getting involved. However, everyday thousands continue to suffer constant harassing, humiliation, badgering, insults, rumors, physical attacks, and are made to feel like outcasts with nowhere to turn for support.
So, are you a bully? If you are being honest most of us should be answering YES.I would argue bullies have become the majority. This is most likely why it’s become accepted as “normal”. If everyone does it IT can’t possibly be wrong, right?. The question is what do we do with that acknowledgement? The choice to make a change may save the life of another person or change the course of someone’s life for the better. Doing nothing, does nothing. It only promotes the status quo. Be the catalyst for change, set an example, right the wrong.

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