Let's Put and End to Bullying

May 23, 2012
Let’s Put and End to Bullying
Bullying in schools is a serious problem and is becoming more and more common every year. It comes in many forms and can occur at different times throughout the day. Whether the bully chooses to act in class, in the gym or locker room, at recess, or in the cafeteria, it can have a wide range of psychological and physical effects. In school bullying may result in a decline in the student’s school attendance or the student’s grade, as well as the personality of the student and how he or she behaves in school. However, bullying can be stopped. Techniques such as creating a safe and well-managed learning environment for students, stopping bullying on the spot, figuring out the truth to the situations students are in and supporting and aiding the kids involved can greatly reduce in-school bullying.

If a child is in class and feels threatened, it takes away from their focus in class and their ability to learn. By creating a safe and well-managed learning environment, students are able to focus on the material they are learning and will do better in class. By including all of the students in school activities and teaching the students to have respect for all of their classmates, feelings of supremacy are eliminated which will reduce bullying amongst students.

When dealing with a bully, it is important to teach the bully to stop and that the action they are doing is wrong by stopping the bully on the spot. It is important to intervene immediately to strengthen the message that bullying is wrong. When dealing with the bully and the student being bullied, it is important that the students are talked to separately so the bully doesn’t associate the student they’re bullying with the punishment they receive. Also, the administrator should not make the bully apologize on the spot to avoid resistance and retaliation.

Lastly, the administrator should get the facts of the student’s situations straight and work to help the students in the situation. The administrator needs to understand the situation to avoid confusion concerning the students and to make sure the students are treated fairly. The administrator should also help both the students bullying, and the students being bullied. This stops the bully from bullying and teaches the bully that their actions were wrong but that they are not bad as an individual.

By reducing bullying in schools, the students being bullied and the bullies will both benefit. Without bullying, both students will be able to focus on the material and lessons they are being taught in school and will improve in their classes, which will lead to better grades. As bullying is reduced, the bullied will feel safer in school and will be less reluctant to attend school. As the school gains an anti-bullying reputation, students in general that attend those schools become more at ease, even if they were not the ones being bullied. As bullying is eliminated, all students and members of the community are benefitted.

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