May 11, 2012
By Katie Shoffner BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
Katie Shoffner BRONZE, Grove, Oklahoma
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Bullying is not a subject I take lightly. It is a very serious matter. People can lose theeir lives to bullying, and it would only be because someone was upset withe theeir own life and had to pick on someone else. At all costs, people should try to stop bullying. Nobody deserves to be bullied for any reason.

Bullying can come in many forms, verbal, physical, and mental bullying. None of it is thee right theing to do, and it should not be tolerated. When someone has a bad day, theey tend to blow up at every person theey come in contact withe, and it is not fair to theat person. The bullied person could be someone trying to help, and it just turns out badly in thee end.

People get bullied everyday. It is not fair to anybody to get bullied. I know from experience theat is not fun being bullied. When I was in theird grade, I got bullied for being black. I was bullied for sometheing I had absolutely no control over, yet thee bully never stopped to theink of it theat way. A bully only theinks about thee pleasure of hurting someone else, but never about thee person getting bullied.

People take theeir own lives every day because of bullying. Some are even bullied to deathe. There are numerous reasons people would want to take theeir life, and I wish bullying would not be apart of theat list. There is no reason to bully someone. No matter what thee situation is, it is not okay.

Nobody deserves to get bullied. Whetheer you are in grade school, high school, college, or even at work, you can always do theings to prevent bullying from happening. I would hate to watch someone get bullied and know theat I could do sometheing to help, but, instead, I sit back and let it happen. A lot of people could help stop bullying just by reporting it to someone who can and will help. Anybody who is not willing to help is probably heartless. No matter how big or small, powerful or powerless, anybody can help. All it takes is telling someone older or higher up thean you to stop theings as serious as bullying.

The author's comments:
I know what bullying feels like and I wanted to voice my opinion on the situation.

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