It Needs to Stop

May 5, 2012
By Mclaughlin0321 SILVER, East Palestine, Ohio
Mclaughlin0321 SILVER, East Palestine, Ohio
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Weapons. To most people mean guns or knives, brass knuckles, baseball bats. Even fists. But to middle school and high school students weapons aren't just those things. They're words. B****, w****, s***, tramp, hocker, and faggot. A new generation of weapons and violence.


To past generations, our parents and there parents didn't live in a world like this. Or have the technology like we do. Text messaging on cell phones, social networking, or just plan instant messaging. The worlds change and so have the kids in it. It's common to walk down a hall way and hear "w****" or " your a b**** " to anyone. And how many people stop and join in? A few. How many try and stop it. None. It's not just words. It physical violence to. Shoving some one just because you think your better. Or getting in someones face because they said the wrong thing.

Words spread like wild fire. At the beginning of they day what you said to someone is known by the end of the day and already on facebook. Facebook ; a social network that started out you had to be 18. But how many are 18 and over ? Not enough. How many are under 18? To many. Face book has it's perks. Reconnecting with long lost friends or meeting new people. But that not enough compared to the damage it can cause.

I login almost everyday, and there's some sorta of drama thing on there. A status with swear words in everyother word with that person tagged in it. Or someone commenting on a picture of a girl in a sport bra calling her a w****, when nothin shows. Or a girl holding a baby that's not hers and gets called a s*** because people don't take the time to ask who's baby it is. As teenagers we assume a lot and know only a little. That's the problem.

Many people have tried to stop bullying but it seems almost impossible. A war that no one can win. Words are the new weapon and other teens are targets. Some people get a kick out of it. They like hurting people to make them feel good. That person is sick and twisted. Just because someones gay dont mean you can catch it. Or just because some decided to have sex at an early age, don't make them a s*** or w****. So a girl sticks up for her self that doesn't make her a b**** or just because a guy got mad and blew up dont make him a dick.

Words are the new weapons of today. It's not just words either it's sentences. A simple sentence such as ; " no body likes you. Your parents hate you. Just drop dead " is enough to make that person go over board and do just that. Nothing is that bad to where you want to take your life. Life is too short, why make it shorter? God has has us on earth for a reason. When he want to see you, he will take you when he wants to.

Bullying is so common in schools. And even at home. Cyberbullying is becoming more and more common. Facebook, twitter, and text messaging. A simple text could mean so much. Words hurt. " Sticks and stone will break my bones but words will never hurt me," that's not true. Your fat. Your ugly. Your nasty. You smell. Such little words mean a lot.

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