The Big Friendly Giant

April 6, 2018
By Anahii BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Anahii BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"The Big Friendly Giant" by Kathleen R. is very relatable to me. I can relate to Kathleen when she wrote,"...I was 5'10",while my closest friends were far below me in the 5-foot lands". Compared to all my friends I am the tallest I often get embarrassed to the fact that I'm so tall and when I walk with them people do stare at times. I agree with Kathleen when she said,"...being tall wasn't too much fun anymore...". I really do hate being tall. I am already taller than my mom and two older sisters and I really just dislike it. I just wanna be as short as them. I found Kathleen's article very relatable because every word she says I understand and feel the exact same way. Thank you Kathleen for sharing this story to us. Many can relate and understand you.

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