Stranger Things: Season Two, Episode Nine (Recap)

February 28, 2018
By maryk_234 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
maryk_234 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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"Be like a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside."

The ending of season two of Stranger Things, “The Gate”, was amazing, and it was definitely the best out of all of the episodes, season one and season two, by far.
In this episode, many things happen and at the same time. Joyce, Nancy, and Jonathan knock the Demogorgon out of Will’s body using excessive heat, and El opens the gate. My favorite reason of all though, is that Steve becomes a mom. The snowball at the ending though, really ties it all up. The Snowball really pleases the crowd because Mike and El finally saw each other again after nearly a whole season, which is what all the fans wanted.

This episode stands out as the best of the series for a few key reasons:

Eleven Opening the Gate
After El finds her adopted father, Hopper at Will’s house and gets questioned about her black makeup, since you know she looks like a “punk” according to Hopper, she has to go back to the lab to open the gate. This is the lab in which she was tortured at and given her powers. In the lab, they find Dr. Brenner, the person who tortured her while trying to give her powers, injured because of the demodogs. The demodogs invaded the lab in the episode before and killed Joyce’s boyfriend Bob, in case you needed a refresher. Hopper takes El to where she is needed to open the gate, and at first El has a hard time with it. She finally decides to think of something that angers her: Dr. Brenner and how he tortured her because sometimes she didn’t quite succeed with her powers. After a long period of time and hardwork, El is finally successful with the opening of the gate and is taken home to get ready for the Snowball.

Steve is a Mom
While everyone is out of the house trying to either open the gate or save Will, Steve is left with Max, Dustin, Lucas, and Mike. They’re trying to figure out ways to kill the Demodogs when Billy, Max’s older brother, pulls up to the house looking for her. Steve and Billy are kind of enemies at school, so when Billy sees that Steve is with them, a huge fight breaks out and Billy knocks Steve unconscious but eve though Steve is unconscious, Billy keeps punching. Finally, Max grabs a syringe and stabs it into Billy's neck which knocks him unconscious, as well. Max takes Billy’s car key and they drag Steve into his car, and Max drives them to a hole in the ground. Steve freaks out when he realizes he is sitting in a car being driven by a thirteen year old, but they manage to get there after a while. When they first get to the hole, Steve is certain that neither him nor the kids are going in there, but they all manage to get there. After a while of them being down there, they pour out all the gasoline they brought, and light it on fire as an effort to kill the demodogs. Luckily, they all manage to get out safely, and after a while Steve goes to pick Dustin up and take him to the Snowball. While driving to the Snowball, Steve gives him advice about what to do there. I like Steve as a mom, because it’s funny because how even if he says no, the kids end up doing whatever it is anyway, and also the fact that he is an eighteen year old male and is being called “a mom” is funny to me.

The Snowball
The Snowball, also known as the ending scene, is where Mileven and Mucas become ‘things”. We can’t forget about Dustin and Will though. Right after Lucas asked Max, a girl comes up and asks Will to dance. Instead of referring to him as “Will”, he refers to hm as “zombie boy” which is a little rude. Dustin and Mike are left alone, but Dustin leaves Mike to go ask some girls to dance with him. Unfortunately, the girls Dustin asks, or tries to ask, either tell him no or walk away from him. Dustin goes to sit on the bleachers alone but Nancy walks up to him because she feels bad, and asks him to dance with her. While they are dancing, Nancy tells him the secret of him being her favorite friend of Mike’s, her brother.

Mileven and Mucas
Don’t we all love these two couples? These couples got together at the Snowball scene, the last scene. Lucas asks Max to dance in the beginning and they dance the whole time. Meanwhile, Mike is sitting on the sidelines while waiting for El. Finally, El appears in the doorway. They walk romantically towards each other, and Mike asks her to dance, so they do. At the end of the song, Max kisses Lucas and then rests her head on his shoulder, and Mike and El kiss. Turns out, Mike and El kissing wasn’t in the original script, but Millie Bobby Brown, who plays El, asked if they include for the fans, which honestly was very smart.

The author's comments:

I really like writing thi piece because I especially love Stranger Things, but especially thie episode, also known as "The Gate". I also got to rewatch the episode which was fun, and since this was done in my English class, my teacher let me watch some of the episode in class.

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