Open Letter to President Trump

November 27, 2017
By Tman1225 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Tman1225 BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Dear President Trump,

I am a 12 year old boy who is writing this letter to explain why we should have a three day weekend!!! I think that everyone would love a three day weekend.

I very much dislike how we have a two day weekend. (We would make monday a weekend day) It isn't enough time to relax or have some    fun. We work/go to school for five days a week for 7 to 9 hours just sitting down and gathering information into our heads or sitting and doing our job. Especially teenagers who always have homework over the weekend. Some teenagers stay up all night during the week doing there homework and barely get sleep, now that is just brutal.

Having a three day weekend lets parents relax more, because I know that parents work really hard at their job to get money, at least my parents do. It gives relief because maybe someone has a essay do at the end of the week, you would think you had to finish it on sunday but then you would finish on a monday. (It would love it this actually happened.)

I hope that you enjoyed reading this open letter, and I hope that you will at least think about it. Because I know you have a lot to do because you are the president of the U.S.!!!!!

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