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October 2, 2017
By Ella Thompson BRONZE, East Bend, North Carolina
Ella Thompson BRONZE, East Bend, North Carolina
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We live in a world full of racism. Mainly because people feel superior and you know what, they should feel superior because African-Americans lives do not matter. African-American lives never mattered to begin with when we were brought into the country.

Regarding this, police brutality on African-Americans are a great way of getting rid of the black community. Another way of getting rid of the black community is taking away the food. The food consists of fried chicken, watermelon, tropical punch kool-aid, grape soda, etc. Also, how about the government take away our rights and treat us like we are a disease; less than a person. Go ahead, call us what you want because it’s all true. The only good that the African-American could ever do is to just “poof” out of existence.  I mean we are the ones that have high crime rates,  bad schools and not being educated enough, being unemployed and being on many programs provided by the government such as EBT, medicaid, etc. Also the ones that have the highest rates in health problems.

However, my proposal in fixing all the issues of racism is to just segregate all the African-Americans. For instance, why doesn’t the government just remove all African-Americans by putting them all, and I do mean all, that includes celebrities in a different state, they have to stay in the state that was designated to them and away from the superior race. If they go outside the state then they will be given a choice to either be punished by the police or get deported back to Africa.

In addition, the African-American community can only associate with their own race. In other words African-Americans can only eat their kind of food no one else's, listen to only their music and have only black relationships. There will be no interracial dating, or interracial children. If the government implements this proposal then America will be great again.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this essay was 1. it was an assignment but its also a controversial topic to discuss.  A disclaimer is that this is essay is supposed to sacastic so please do not feel offended.  In my personal belief, no race should be inferior than any other races and also no race should endure all the pain and suffering because of their skin color. No race deserves any of that.

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