Why Students Hate School

May 15, 2013
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Endless assignments, mountains of homework and callous, downgrading, ridiculously unfair report cards. Nasty, snide comments. Rude remarks. Judgemental faces. Hatred. Stress.
This is life in the twenty first century the moment high school is reached.
The day starts early, with students waking to the horrifying thought of “did I finish that assignment?” or “did I have maths homework to complete?”. Very few seconds after emerging from a warm, homey bed that can be used to sleep away our troubles, we feel strained. But that’s only the beginning.
Days are filled with nothing but misery, as students saunter to their classes in the most melancholy manner possible. An odd smile here and there, and only because it is given off by those of us who wish to make others feel not as useless and stressed as we do.
Classes are hell. We are called on even when our hands are not raised. We are called on even when our teachers are fully aware we do not know the answers. We are called on and made a fool of. We are embarrassed in front of our peers.
The physically challenged students are not forced to partake in physical activity, but what about the students with anxiety issues? They are still forced to stand in front of their classmates and teachers and speak; as if it is no problem at all.
“Be yourself…oh but don’t wear anything that expresses your individuality.” While schools promote time and place for certain outfits and actions, our originality is being quashed!
Don’t wear this.
Don’t wear that.
Don’t dye your hair.
Take out those piercings.
We are soldiers. Soldiers in uniforms. Soldiers in uniforms, marching along with our comrades, listening to our superiors. We are afraid to make mistakes.
We are afraid to not memorise schoolwork. We are afraid to fail. We are taught to be afraid.
And that is why we all hate school.

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