my modern day monster

November 29, 2011
To you and I, hes only a little bit of a monster,but compared to what he thinks of himself, he's a saint. He has an addiction,that addiction is what he uses to get away from his mistakes, troubles, and all around worries of life. He used to only use it only in a time of dire need,although now the addiction has become so strong that he has buried himself in it. You cannot tell where he begins and the addiction starts. He drinks every night, while his worst enemy has become the bottle that sits in front of him. He slumps over the bar, continuously slurring and mumbling about his life. Not that one exists anymore. When he began to disappear in the drink every night, it made him angry as well as violent. Therefore his wife packed herself and their kids up and left. All he has left is the bottle in his hand, and for now his job. He has become unshaven,late and has gotten several warnings at work and will lose his job soon. His addiction is the monster, while he is trapped inside.

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abernathy_redhead said...
Jan. 20, 2012 at 5:51 pm
hey please read and comment about my article! any comments are good!
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