December 21, 2011
By JustJess BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
JustJess BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Normal; serving to establish a standard. Many people assume that the word normal means, to conform to a standard. But what if conforming to a standard is an ever-changing effort? The word normal actually has the ability to have a non-concrete definition; the majority of our population just pushes away the possibilities this one word offers them. Normal, what does it even mean?
Today, having an “outgoing” personality is a growing trend, especially among teens and young adults. Those who cherish this type of personality would just wince at the thought of being “normal”. In their minds, normality means being boring, dull, and soft spoken. Apparently, it’s not a good thing to establish a standard anymore. But, is it not possible for outgoing to become the new normal?
If the definition of the word normal entails serving for a standard, then that standard should have potential for change. Outgoing people have become the new standard of the population in this day and age, thus meaning that outgoing people are normal. Proving any possibility of “normal” constantly applying to new demographics. Normal isn’t a one definition kind of word, it is a very social word, with all kinds of meanings which applies to all kinds of people.

Normal, it is a word with a definition you make yourself, but it is also more than a word, it is an idea.

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