Calvin Johnson

October 28, 2011
By Josh Creech BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
Josh Creech BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
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Calvin Johnson is one of the best wide receivers to play in the NFL. He is 6 foot 5 inches tall; he has a vertical leap of 44 inches. He can go up and catch any ball thrown to him against any cornerback in the league. He used to play for the Dallas Cowboys; now he plays for the Lions. He came there in the middle of the season last year. Ever since then the Lions have won nine games and have only lost one. I think the cowboys have made a big mistake. Now the Lions have the arguably, the best wide receiver in the league.

He has given the Lions many different options now. The defense tries to focus on just him sometimes, now they have the run and can throw it to many different wide receivers. He is a pro bowl player. He has won the game for them a couple of times. Matthew Stafford (the quarterback for the lions), just floats him the ball in the corner of the end zone and he jumps and catches the ball over the cornerback. It is almost unfair. He is built and made to be a wide receiver in the NFL.

Everybody calls him the “MEGATRON”. This is a great nickname for someone that tall. Counting his height, his vertical, and his arm length he is eight foot nine inches. None of the corners really have a chance against him, because if you really think about it most of the cornerbacks are about six foot or at the most six foot two or three inches, and most of them don’t have the arm length or the vertical of Calvin Johnson. The defense will worry about the Lions throwing the ball and that sets up the run, and they have one of the best running backs in the league, JaHavid Best. The Lions have many weapons with Calvin Johnson.

The Lions are hard to stop this year. They recently lost a game to the San Francisco 49ers. The two coaches almost got into a fight after the game was over. The Lions coach thought that the 49ers coach patted him on the back too hard and he didn’t like that too much. Calvin Johnson is still a game changer for the Lions. I think he has given the Lions a bigger and better chance to win the Super Bowl. The Lions have not even been to the playoffs in a while; they have NEVER been to the Super Bowl though. They have always been the laughing stock of the NFL until now. Everything has changed, now the Colts that have won many Super Bowls recently are winless. They have lost six games and won zero.

The Lions will eventually win a Super Bowl though, they just need to keep their team the way it is now, and you never know, they might win it this year. Who knows? The lions have one of the better teams in the NFL this year. They have five wins and one loss, which is better than some of the teams that are usually the best teams in the NFL. I hope the Lions win the Super Bowl this year, one reason is I like them and they have always been the underdogs in every game for the past five or six decades, they still are considered underdogs, and I hope they win it this year also because they haven’t ever won the Super bowl. Who knows Calvin Johnson might just catch the winning pass in the Super Bowl for the Lions?!

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This article has 2 comments.

kole26 said...
on Feb. 4 2014 at 10:48 am
i have never read something so dumb in my life Calvin never had anything with Cowboys or Dallas he didnt even play for  Dallas in collage He was drafted second overall to Detroit Not teh cowboys and we never whent 9-1 with him on our team the highest was 5-0 then we lost to the 49ers before putting something so dumb do a little research so you dont look like a complete idiot WOW

kole26 said...
on Feb. 4 2014 at 10:41 am
Are you stupid he was drafted to detroit detroit with the second pick in the draft he was not from Dallas WOW


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