Hitting the Trails

October 14, 2011
By Dustin1234 BRONZE, South Dayton, New York
Dustin1234 BRONZE, South Dayton, New York
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The land that you are riding on is not your land! So respect it as if it was your land. If you disrespect the land owners land he can take the rights of snowmobiler’s permission away. He does not need permission to shut down the trail the owner may do as he wants in regards of his property.

Obey the rules of the trails. You are not the owner of them. You are a rider that depends on the trail. So every chance you get to make it better do so it is just not the clubs or land owners responsibility to maintain. When you are in a trail don’t rut it all up for the next person to hit. Be nice and respectful with your throttle. Save it for the fields. Keep the trails clean of trash and other junk clean up after yourself.

We don’t need the trails. We don’t really need them but they are nice being able to have them because it makes businesses more successful. It is also nice being able to go other places without having to drive a vehicle. This way you can enjoy new sights and surroundings.

All in all it is the right thing to respect the trails for this upcoming season. A great solution to this is to be respectful and keep them clean. If you put forth the effort and then the club members will do their part. It’s all about the word respect.

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