Does the iPhone 4 Still Reign a 'Great' Smartphone?

August 21, 2011
By SkyFire BRONZE, Edmonton, Oregon
SkyFire BRONZE, Edmonton, Oregon
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As you may know, the iPhone 4 is now a month or two past it's first year. When Steve Jobs unveiled this finely tuned phone, it spread across the news all over the world. 2011 had a lot of advances in technology and with that, does the iPhone beat it's competitors such as the BlackBerry Torch with a physical keyboard as well as a touch keyboard, or the HTC Evo 3D with a revolutionary 3D camera and screen. The iPhone has many great features such as Retinas Display, FaceTime and the App Store but does it hold against some other great phones? What would you think the next generation of iPhone would have? A better battery? More customization options? Is it going to run the new 4G network? Even a HIGHER resolution display?

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