July 7, 2011
Okay so you see, I've had this friend for years. We did everything together. we played sports, and shopped, and we gossiped together. I told her everything from the newest guy i liked to if i was cutting my hair or not. nut lately we've been drifting apart. she made a new friend and she has no time for me now, and she dosent even want to speak to me anymore. everyone at school knows we're best friends and now i feel lost and empty. I try to talk to other people so i can get my mind off of things but it isnt working. and the worst part??? when her friend isnt as school she wants to use me. like i dont have feelings!!!!!!!! Even as im writing im enraged, but not at her, and not at her new best friend. at the fact that 3 years of friendship is over, and i couldnt do anything about it.

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