May 29, 2011
By JeshiLovesLife BRONZE, Wyandanch, New York
JeshiLovesLife BRONZE, Wyandanch, New York
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"Yesturday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it is called the present"

People might not believe it but the school where I go to 4 in 5 people are having sex, and the population isnt all that big, and also its the same with drugs. In my school the go to the back druing our lunch break light up a blunt and smoke it no one says anything. My high school is one of the most poor schools in Long Island, we dont have as many resourses like every other school does, we have one Health teacher and he's not aloud to hand out condoms because they believe in absenence, I also believe in it but what about those who doesnt, not everybody has easy access to condoms and birth control pills and other things that can prevent pregnancy. But a lot of the teenagers have sex with anyone and they have no morals. Sometimes i wonder how would they feel when they find that special person. But Hey Maybe ITS JUST ME!!!

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