The thing about relationships

June 10, 2011
By , Fulton, MD
Girls, girls, and girls is a topic guys really have a hard time understanding. They are one of the few things us guys cannot live without. Yet, somehow they will cause us so much heart break daily. Anyone who reads this have been in this situation where you are head over heals for the girl of your dreams. As the more you, and her talk to feel a awesome connection. You have no idea what it is, but you love the feeling. As the more the two of you become friends, slowly she starts to develop feelings for you. Eventually the feelings become so strong between you two that you will date. There is a quote that says "We are most alive when we are in love." This happens to be one of the most straight up truths I have ever heard. As you guys date you have yet to have a fight. Until one day you screw up so much that she does the worst thing I girl can do to you when you care about them.....Don't talk to you. You feel like so much crap, and no matter how much you try to talk to them they will not respond. Until one day she says to you "I just want to be friends". One of the worst thing a guy can hear girl say when they care so much about them. You see us guys really do not know what to do with our selfs after that. It is stuck in our head for days, playing the moment that you messed up over and over again. You wonder if there was what could have happened if you had just done what she wanted you to do. It is just a hard part of life that takes forever to move on from. You try to move on, but it is impossible. As you ponder what your next step will you cannot get her out of your head. It is just a fact of life that sucks, but you have to move on for your sake or you will be stuck in an endless wave of depression. Go to friends and I promise everythign will work out for the best.

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