Prom; The time of your life?

May 2, 2011
By madison hibbs BRONZE, Maple Plain, Minnesota
madison hibbs BRONZE, Maple Plain, Minnesota
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Prom; the most awaited moment in someones lives. When you are you are young some one will tell you all about their prom or you will see a movie showing the extravagant events. Should prom be the highlight of a teens life? Many people hear in the news the tragic events that can happen on prom night. Back in the 1980's the movie theater came out with the classic film Prom Night. Many people enjoyed this movie because it was something that the people could relate to. Many teens would see this movie before their prom to give them a late night fright. Adults would watch in horror and remember their time at prom. Prom is the closure, to many, of senior year. All the fun partying and dancing helps students to have fun and remember the good years that they have had in high school. Disney released it's first Prom movie on April 29 called Prom. Many view this movie as the kind-hearted film to encourage people to attend prom and stay on good behavior. Prom night can be the most dangerous event if alcohol is used. The movie Disney came out with will help let teens know that alcohol and drugs are not needed in order to have a fabulous time.

The author's comments:
It is about prom and the fun times you will have.

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