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   Community service is a wonderful thing. Not all of it is boring and hard work. If you are not forced to do it, it can actually be fun.

One of my friend's mother runs a program for young children where there is acting, cooking, sports, and art projects. His mother needed someone to fill in for four hours one morning, so I decided it might be fun and I volunteered to work for her.

I enjoy working with young children, which made my service to her even more exciting. I first ran a soccer

program for four and five-year-olds. Sometimes the children got

impatient, but it ended up a great success.

The next program I helped run was a baking class for seven and eight-year-olds. I helped teach the girls how to bake chocolate-chip cookies. After the baking class I took a bunch of young children to a room where a stage was available. I assisted a professional teacher while she helped the children practice a play. The program lasts eight weeks. The children practice the play for seven weeks and the last day of the program they will put on the Wizard of Oz for their parents. It was amazing watching the teacher work with the children. She was able to motivate them to learn the lines and act it out without complaining or whining.

I enjoy working with children very much which made me forget that I was doing community service. I already know that I am aiming for a career in elementary education. Having this experience will help me with my career and it also left me with a wonderful memory. fl

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