Teen Sex (Mostly for girls)

March 29, 2011
By Breskix3 BRONZE, New Yokr, New York
Breskix3 BRONZE, New Yokr, New York
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Why is it that teens feel like they need to have sex? Just because you think you're "Falling in love." It's a proven fact that teens between the ages of 13-17 start developing relationships; which activates the hormones. Each year atleast 750,000 teens get pregnant. Sex isn't always fun and games, a lot can happen, when you're "Showing your love."

There are several reasons why teens shouldn't have sex. One reason why is because most teens don't usually use protection, although the protection rate has gone up virtually all teens who have had intercourse 98% have used condoms. which is good but if these teens dont use protection there most likely to get pregnant, and STD, or HIV; which can turn into AIDS; which you can live with for the rest of there're life. Boys can also suffer from the same diseases.

Another reason why protected sex can still be dangerous is because the condom can break, which can lead to pregnancy. If girls get pregnant at a young age they're most likely going to have to drop out of school to support there're baby. Soon they might get annoyed and want to enjoy the rest of there teenage life with there friends, but they can't do that with a baby. More than 2/3 of all teens that get pregnant don't graduate. Thats sad. Most of these teens don't even have a decent education, and they're already having kids.

Most teens first have sex at the age of 17. 15% are still virgins at the age of 21. Some teens might say: "We're ready to have a baby." Or "We know what it's like to be a parent." But the truth is they're not ready, and they dont know what it's like to be a parent until you have your OWN child. The United States has one of the highest rates on teen pregnancy. These teens are saying, "Yes im ready to have a baby" when they're really not. They're most likely not going to have a education, and no money to support there baby. They probably still live with there parents. So how are they going to support a baby, if they're living home, and they can barley support themselves.

Girls shouldn't feel the need to have sex. If they're pressured they should stick up for themselves. Like i said before there are many reasons why teens shouldn't have sex. Parents should also help them. There are groups they can join to talk about these thinks without a parent also. They shouldn't have to feel regretful if they did something they werent sure about.


The author's comments:
Theres alot of teens having Sex And I think We Should Try to stop it

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