March 7, 2011
By ambermoore GOLD, Boone, Iowa
ambermoore GOLD, Boone, Iowa
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Drag my name through the mud & I still come out clean-lil wayne

They always say , " What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".
I believe there's a point were things do start to kill you. Physically & emotionally. Yes, the people who were never sheltered in life tend to be the stronger ones, but they also tend to be the ones with the most problems. I myself have been hurt time after time. Because of this I have trust problems & have suffered depression. I am stronger than I ever was before but everything that happens Children without parents to rely on often grow up with anger & sadness. They remember the trauma no matter how much they try to push it away. I wish people would understand that just because we have been through so much doesn't always mean we wanna be strong. It doesn't mean we don't cry & don't feel pain. It means were the few who come out on top. The ones who never gave in. But it also means some days we just need a break, some days.. we don't wanna be strong.

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