Peace of mind

January 10, 2011
By Anonymous

What is peace of mind? This can mean many different things to different people. For some, this can mean being stranded on a secluded deserted island, living of the land in perceptual paradise. For others this can simply be relaxing after a hard days work. One thing is for sure, peace of mind can be any number of different things and is only limited by the beholder.

Some people still, use drugs in attempt to get peace of mind and escape the realities of the real world. But this is usually this is just a crutch or a band-aid on a much larger problem this person has. They are always looking for that good feeling and soon become addicted. Regardless of the effects it has on the body. It is for certain that drugs are ever the way to get peace of mind.

In my personal opinion peace of mind does not necessarily mean that you have to be happy, but you learn to deal with the things that might get you down. Peace of mind can mean that you find something that you like doing and do that to keep yourself happy. Obviously, I cannot tell you how to obtain peace of mind because it is something that is different for everybody but should be experienced by everyone at least a couple times a

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