Big Muscles Don't Mean Anything

June 15, 2010
By John13 BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
John13 BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Crack! The ball soars in the air. Screaming fans chanting your name with excitement. The ball finally lands in the upper deck 500ft away from where you are standing, home plate. You start to run the bases. You have just hit the homerun that has made you the leader in homeruns in baseball history. You don’t smile, jump, or cry. You know that you don’t deserve it. All this time you have taken steroids to improve your style. You touch home with guilt and sorrow. Steroids don’t make you better they make your life worse.

Steroids in the MLB are very popular. Great role models and players have been revealed to be big phonies. For example Mark McGwire was one of the greatest baseball players of his time. He even broke the number of homeruns in a single season. Then in 1998 after he beat Roge Moris for that record he was accused of taking steroids. In those words everything he worked for was destroyed. He denied all accusations made against him. He was banned from going into the baseball hall of fame. An amazing player like that was banned just like that. Other players such as Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi have been banned too. These were some of the greatest players, but steroids took it all away. If you take steroids your sports career will end. After that your career will never be talked highly of ever again.

Not only will done with your sport, but your body will be just as affected. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse some effects are liver tumors, high blood pressure, bigger muscle mass, and the ability to train longer and harder. These are just some effects that can happen to your body while you’re taking steroids. These are just the short-term effects. There are no long-term effects, but the short-term effects can and will hurt you. I mean have you seen Barry Bonds in a while, he is 45 and he has a bigger muscle mass than so many other players. Imagine standing at home plate and you right there just have a liver tumor that would hurt. They will probably find out what is really causing that tumor. You still don’t care. You’re to busy hitting homeruns.

You cannot only be kicked out of the sport you love and hurt your body you will loose respect. People start to think that your whole life has been a lie, a joke. They looked up to you your entire life. Just like that you are discarded into the bad guys group and will be never liked again. That’s awful if you are a superstar. People will take all their souvenirs and throw them in the trash which is what you are trash. Also your family and friends will never forgive you ever again. All this because you took two little white pills to hit better. These tiny pills will destroy you and everything you are close to. Don’t take steroids nobody will like you as long as you live.

To some people steroids are a good thing. Those people who say take steroids just don’t get caught and everything will be ok. However you will get caught. The MLB just like many sports organizations make you take a drug test every year. If you have any type of banned steroid you will be banned. Yes the steroids will make you better as a player, not a person. You will get caught. For example, J.C Romero of the Philadelphia Phillies was banned from baseball activity for 50 games. He was banned because he took a steroid that he thought wasn’t banned. Then guess what he got caught. You can never get away with a crime just like you cant get away from a drug test. Floyd “ Money” Mayweather is an amazing boxer. He went undefeated in his whole career. He was going to come out of retirement to fight Many Pacquiao another amazing boxer. Then the fight got canceled. Mayweather didn’t want to take a drug test. He knew like many others that he could’ve been on steroids. So he took it one week later and failed it. Just like J.C Romero and others can never run away from the truth. You will be caught and you will be banned!

Steroids. They are the worst thing you could do in sports. You want to use them but if you do you are throwing your like away. It will destroy everything you have worked for. You will never be honed for all the amazing things you did in your life. Steroids disconnect you from your family, friends, and sadly you. If you apologize nobody will forgive you. How could the two little white pills help you anyway? Tim Duncan once said, “ Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”

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