Racism Invades Education

January 21, 2010
Everywhere around the world there is racism, but now it has seeped through the cracks in the wall that separate it from education, and it rears it’s ugly head through affirmative action. It gives extra points to minorities and women because of their race or gender. Affirmative action is just another way of promoting racism and sexism, and getting away with it without getting sued for discrimination. Once again we see another civil war just waiting to happen. If we do not stop this foolishness now then what will our children think of us? They will think that our society was corrupt, but unfortunately it will stay that way for a long time after they are dead. Affirmative action will continue to promote racism as long as it is allowed to breathe the same air as righteousness. If we can cut off its air supply then it would slowly wither and die.
Racism is like a virus; if it infects one person then it may become an infestation overnight. Affirmative action is very biased in the way that instead of just helping the other races, it also hurts them. One-way it hurts them is that if they need the help in the first place then they probably do not have enough money and there is not a college in the world that would pay for someone’s entire four years of college. Let alone if they wish to attain their Masters Degree as well as their Doctorate. Why would we let an unqualified African American into college in place of a perfectly qualified white male? If they do not have the money in the first place, then that spot that could have gone to someone more qualified is wasted. Also, where in law does it say that a white man is smarter than any other race or gender? IT DOES NOT! Not all minorities and women are challenged educationally in life.
Some might think that affirmative action is good, but what about all of those more deserving people that should have gotten in but did not? In the business world, a boss is not going to let a less qualified Hispanic have a job over a more qualified African American woman. Just like a professional football coach is not going to hire a weak little boy over a well-fit man. If we teach our youth now that they can slide by in life just because of their race then we are the evil ones. Telling them that, is like an insult or a slap in the face. There is no more room in the world for racism like this.
Racism is like a fountain as it flows down like water and gets passed from one generation to another. If it starts at the top, which is college, and it flows down the fountain, it will eventually reach high school, middle school, lower school, and finally pre-K. Then we will be teaching racism to little children. We will become worse than most of the other countries. We are supposed to be the best country in the world, but if this keeps up, we could eventually be considered the worst.
We must plaster the cracks in the wall and take down this unjust system of our own creation, which is gone and totally out of control. If it is not taken care of now, then what will our children, and more importantly our grandchildren, think of us when they have to deal with the mistakes we’ve made? It is our obligation to set the example for the future generations.

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Alexandra D. said...
Jan. 27, 2010 at 4:24 pm
i completely agree. bravo!
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