April 7, 2009
By Nellyjelly15 BRONZE, Clarmont, California
Nellyjelly15 BRONZE, Clarmont, California
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Click clack! Click clack!
I can hear his boots hitting the ground with a slight splash in the rain puddles. The sound of his boots mix in with the pattering of the rain against the cement. I’m running through this dark cold and wet alley hoping to escape from his sight. His boots get louder and louder as he gets closer and closer.
I can see my smoky hot breath in the air as I breath in and out heavily. My heart is pounded so hard that it feels like it might burst out. My legs get heavy and tired, I might have pushed them to they’re limit. I’m scared, and so frikin tired of running. I need to find a place to hide. I need to rest. I can hear the man’s boots get louder.
COME HERE NOW! The man yells with a deep and raspy voice. NO! I whisper to myself. I will not stop, This man, I can’t trust him no matter what he says even if he sounds like he’s good.

THERE! I say all out of breath. A wall I can hide behind stood in front of me. Should I stop? Should I keep running? Should I rest behind that wall and hide? I won’t hurt you! The man says in a soft voice. Isn’t he tired yet, we been running for almost over an hour now, I most rest though. I run to the wall, hitting my shoulder in to it. Ouch! I yelp out. I turned over to the other side of the wall. I’ll be safe here. I peek my head around the corner to see how far he is from this brick wall. It is really hard to see because of blackness of the night. I only see what the moon’s light glares upon. I don’t hear him anymore, just the pattering of the hard rain drops. I feel a strong and freezing cold breeze run through my hair. Ouch my shoulder really hurts, and my heart is pumping to super hard.

Click clack! I can hear the mans boots once again. Why is he still following me. He passes by the brick wall. His scent passes by my nose as he passes. Eww! That smell! It smells like dead fish and sour milk. I plug my nose with my fingers so that I can’t smell it. Why must I hide? I don’t know much about him, But this man gives me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.
My family had just died. I walked in the living room of our little green house where my mom, dad, and two brothers lie dead. There was blood everywhere. They were all stabbed, I can tell by the knife on the ground and the blood on they’re chests. I was scared. I looked out the window still stunned. I shadow of a man stood there. I don’t know who he is, but I knew He had something to do with murder of my parents. I run out the door, hoping he doesn’t see me. But I trip on my shoes lace and fall to the rough graveled ground. He sees me, so I get up and start running towards a dark alley and he chases right behind me. That’s how I know he must have murdered my parents. Now here I am hide behind this wall.

Ok! I think I’m ready to go to the other side of this wall. When I get there I’ll make a run for it, hopefully out of this alley. I slowly linger towards the other side of the wall still quietly panting. HEY GIRL IT’S OK, IM A POLICE OFFICER, MY NAME IS SERGEANT HENRIE! The man yells hoping that I’m still around to hear him. I WAS I FRIEND OF YOUR FATHER, I SAW THE MURDER AND I WANT TO HELP! He continued to yell out. Ok so wait a minute, this man worked with my father? He was trying to help? If he was trying to help, then why did he chase after me, unless he was hiding something. I peek around the corner to see where he is. There he is standing in front of the brick wall. He is bent over with his hands on his knees and he’s breathing in so heavy that I can see his hot breath hit the cold freezing air.

I try to sneak behind him quietly. I move my legs slowly. Crunch! SHOOT! I stepped on a brittle old leaf. I froze up Hoping he doesn’t see me. He slowly turns his head back to look at me, but he doesn’t see me. I start creeping over to the entrance out of this alley. GET BACK HERE! He says. I dart forward to the end of the tunnel. BANG! POP! BOOM! I think he’s shooting at me with a gun. Oh my god! What do I do? What if he shoots me? Suddenly a dark shadow swoops right by me to the man. I stop and turn to see what happened. The man is just standing there, almost like he was stunned by something. He drops the gun to the ground it makes a loud sound, like when a stone hits cement. Then he falls to his knees and then to the ground. What just happened? I ask my self. I want to turn and keep running but something inside of me is saying to go back.

I’ll go back and see if he’s dead and then I’ll go get help.
I walk back into the dark alley, towards the killer of my parents. I walk up to him on the ground. Gasp! OH MY GOD! This man looks like my dad. Is it my dad? No cause my dad is dead. A twin? Oh a twin, my mom once told me he had a twin that hated my dad. I never believed her. But this is him, the gun lays right beside him, and blood drips down from his head down his face. WOW! What killed him? This is really weird.

Ouch! Something hits my head, so I look down at the ground to see what it was. It was a little red pebble. I look up, and on the ceiling of the tunnel is a woman dressed in black. She’s wearing a mask, and her eyes glow red. Who are you? I say to her. She then swoops down and runs away. She runs so fast, it was like lightning. Who was she? One day I will really find out what happened this night.


The author's comments:
If you want to know what this story is about then read it and find out... And if you really like it I will soon be writing a second one.

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on May. 3 2009 at 9:23 pm
liz_graham BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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i hope you write a new one soon

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