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Three White Lies - Chapter One

April 2, 2018
By cam_cass BRONZE, Burleson, Texas
cam_cass BRONZE, Burleson, Texas
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Neil woke up to the sound of the rush of cars on the streets of Mallory Square. His head throbbed with pain and agony as he tried to remember exactly where he was, it wasn't the first time he found himself in this kind of situation. The hard edgy concrete beneath him was the least of his worries as he attempted to sit up. His muscles strained under the pressure of his will, but he soon failed. Taking in his surroundings from the ground level- three plastic dented trash cans, a sign promoting Jacques's Men’s Hair Gel and lo’ behold a pile of dead, squishy, trash covered rats- not to mention the stench emanating for the gorey pile. “Ugh...wh...ere the hell am I?” he groaned impatiently -he hated being slowed down, he needed information. Suddenly, as quick as a blink of an eye,  a memory flashed into his head: being knocked out, failed heist, and lastly Aaron being taken away by a group of grunts with a young teenage boy.
“Aaron..” he muttered to himself “Wait...AARON?” he scurried up dashing around to look for his old friend around him.” WHERE THE HELL IS AARON?” he yelled at the neighboring buildings frantically. The throbbing became even more vigorous as he aimlessly searched around for any sign of his friend. His only friend in fact. He turned the corner to find lines upon lines of people, many of them shopping, or walking, but all that was interrupted by Neil's stony, yet afraid, expression. On the inside he was truly terrified. His hysteria was even more fueled by the freaked looks of prédestinations walking past, all scared for their own safety. He “Where the heck could he be?” He muttered under his breath.”I knew we shouldn’t have tried to do the Morris’s, I said we would get caught, but no. He had to just rob a mobster without thinking of the risks… God dammit I hope they haven’t done anything to him yet, but being with those grunts...” In a frantic attempt he unsubtly sprinted towards his apartment, where hopefully Aaron escaped to, but he had to be careful, he didn’t want those thugs catching him too. The streets were covered with random citizens parading around, in the way of his main goal of his apartment. Hr closed his eyes to think up another way to get to his place without getting noticed, then he realized one way he haven't checked, the rooftops. His height gave him a advantage as he located a latter across a sea of people which supposedly would lead to an alley or roof. Taking the chance, he pushed others out of the way as he drive himself against the flow of the crowd. The shoving of the plethora of citizens were relentless, but he still continued toward the metal side ladder. When he left the flow, he climbed the rickety, rusty, metal ladder which lead right to where he needed to be; a flat-top roof overlooking the rest of the square. He remembered when Aaron and he would go on smaller jobs to go steal a couple things and go across the roofs. The memory was pleasant, but it wasn't enough. As soon as he could he launched off the first building onto the next, and so on, with his heartbeat growing louder and louder with each jump off. His body screamed to rest, but his mind needed truth, which drove him further. The flat topped roof came to an end, and so did the building, hopping as he soon found a back alley to sneak through just in time. It was still going to be a while till he reached his final destination, he guessed, he just needed to see if Aaron was alright. He ran a couple of blocks until he reached an old, moldy, worn-out apartment complex. Sweat beaded across his forehead in the cold autumn air as he panted for breath. He had it ever since he was a kid at his old home with his step-parents. “Aaron!” Neil shouted in utter defeat. “Where are you?” he wheezed out as he tried to catch his breath.
“ What the hell are you doing out there?!” yelled a battered old woman from one of the apartments. She had greying hair, flabby arms, and a old shy cigarette clenched between her teeth. She was no trouble for Neil. “ What do you think I’m doin’ Granny?” Neil yelled back at her, not asking to talk to anyone right at that moment. “ Oh! You better shut that trap up or I’m calling the damn police!” She returned as she took a deep puff on her cigarette and she retreated back into her small cat filled apartment. “ Oh yeah? Say hello to Death for me!” Neil yelled at the door of his newest defier.He had a lot of enemies nowadays, especially since he got kicked off the cop squadron a few years ago. He spent the rest of his short walk with his head down with a hunch, quite visibly unsociable. A couple minutes later of walking  he heard the sound of police sirens coming his way. That old ass granny called him in. There was one thing he could do, he knew one thing to do, the thing he has done all his life, - run.

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Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy why are you so talented??? You're making me jealous!!!!

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