the trip

December 15, 2017
By jayda_walker BRONZE, Keller, Texas
jayda_walker BRONZE, Keller, Texas
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Waking up to my head banging against a plane window I find my now numb legs sprawled over Jackson. I slowly move my sore body to grab my bag from underneath my seat, as I bend over the bright light peering from the window catches my eye and I find myself in awe at what I see.  Buildings scattered about to many for me to keep up with. A smile slowly creeps upon my face as I lean over to whisper to Jackson how thoughtful it was to take us to New York for our three-year anniversary. I’ve always loved the city; the way the lights make the word stop for just a moment. My day dreaming gets interrupted when the plane calmly collides with the ground, and for the thousandth time today I remind myself I’m in New York with the love of my life. After an hour of beating the obstacle course of New York traffic we finally reach our hotel. “Wow it's even better than the pictures!” I squeal. “I knew it would be, I had to get the best just for you.” Jackson says. A wide smile suddenly appears on my face as I admire my curly hair big blue eyed boyfriend from our hotel room entryway, jetlagged I pass out from exhaustion as soon as my head hits my hotel pillow. I slowly peel my eyes open and am woken up to beautiful buildings staring back at me through a crystal clear window. The soothing sound of running water lets me know Jackson is in the shower taking advantage of the hotel soaps. Pulling the white knitted comforter off of my cold shivering body I sprint to my suitcase to grab my clothes for the busy day ahead. Finishing off my makeup with a pink tinted lip gloss I take a step back and find myself happy with my look I managed to pull together with my lack of sleep. A bulky green jacket hiding my white sweater topped off with some slightly ripped jeans, a beanie and knee high boots. Any typical tourist outfit but it'll have to do, “I’m so blessed to have such an amazingly beautiful girlfriend” Jackson says in an overly happy voice. Leaning over to thank him, his arms engulf me in a warm hug I’d never want to leave if I didn't have to. As I step out of our hotel room I hear my name being echoed back at me, I turn around and become face to face with my brown backpack being hurled at me. I hear a laugh slip from Jackson's lips with the words “you almost forgot your bag” following behind it, “Thanks” I mumble. After grabbing breakfast at a coffee shop near by our long magical day in the big apple begins. Walking back to the hotel recapping my incredible but long day. The wonderful food that makes my mouth water by the thought of it, the bright lights that made time stop. Already missing it eager for tomorrow to come, I open the hotel room door and I find myself gravitating towards the freshly made bed waiting for me. Jackson looking down at his phone becoming frustrated his full view appears through the slightly dim entry way. I open my mouth to ask what's frustrating him, before I can even get a word out he stops me by saying “don't even ask”. I become frustrated, my fist clenching together and my voice raising “why can't you just tell me? Why does every little thing have to turn into an argument with you?” he turns to me, his face now red with anger “Lisa you need to understand not everything is about you or needs to be discussed with you can you please understand that!”  “damnit Jackson I can't keep doing this s***.” before I’m able to finish my insulting sentence time slows down and I find his soft palm colliding with my cheek, the stinging spreading throughout my face instantly. As my eyes open recovering from the sharp pain, I come face to face with Jackson almost as speechless as I am. As he opens his mouth to apologize for what he's done I’m already pushing him to the side of me in rage as I let my shaky legs guide me to the nightstand. Grabbing my backpack, I rush out of the hotel room blocking out his pleads for me to stop and in one big blur I find myself surrounded by the New York frost falling from the sky. As I start walking to settle myself down, glad I still have my warm clothes on. The flickering neon lights spelling out the tempting words “bar” catches my attention. Barely having enough cash for a glass I walk into the bar and find myself welcomed by cigarette smoke filled air. I sit down on the worn out leather seats, a woman in what looks like her thirties with red knotted hair and an arm filled with tattoos asks me what my choice is going to be for today and as always I ask for an orange soda. Staring out the window noticing the sun's slowly crept away, the slow breeze of people walking behind me snaps me back into reality. Coming to an agreement with myself to go back to the hotel I finish off my drink pay the bartender and begin my walk back. My head becoming fuzzy and my legs becoming weak. I open my phone to find 13 missed calls from Jackson, as I force myself to type the words “I think there's something wrong please help” my phone slowly slips from my hands and I begin to lose my balance tumbling over my body gravitating towards the stone pavement, I feel bulky arms stop my frail body from colliding with the ground. I try my best to escape the strong grip that held me, but I stop trying when the sensation of darkness swoons over me. Goosebumps scatter throughout me as I hear the words “You're okay Lisa you’ll be safe with me everything's okay now.”

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this is a thriller

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