Frightful Night in Alabama

October 6, 2017
By DanasiaH BRONZE, Chesterfield, Va, Virginia
DanasiaH BRONZE, Chesterfield, Va, Virginia
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On a cold October day the six friends Tommy, Sam, Kavon, Brianna, Sasha, and Emma went to Alabama.  They all rode a bus to this old apartment complex in the country.   It smelled like old molded cheese, rags and supplies in the yard.  This place brought shivers down all of their necks to the spine.   The girls shared one room upstairs and the boys shared one room upstairs also.   Here comes night and they hear sounds of laughter and whispers from their bedroom windows and door.  Brianna, Sasha, and Emma ignored the sounds and tried to fall aleep as soon as possible. Kavon and Tommy didn’t even bother to care about the sounds because they were talking but on the other hand Sam heard it and fell asleep quickly. 


      Later that night Tommy and Kavon went to go get a glass of water and they almost dropped their water because they heard a laughter coming behind them.   Too scared to turn around both boys felt a tap on their shoulder with sharp nails and hot breath.   Suddenly they turned and this horrifying clown with a big head looked them straight in the eyes and said  “You’ll float too” in a deep raspy voice then he took their souls.  This evil clown was known as Pennywise.  The next morning Sam noticed that both of the boys weren’t downstairs or upstairs and defenitly not outside. Sam went into the girls room to tell them that Tommy and Kavon are no where to be found. Brianna and Sam stayed in the house double checking to see if they were just hiding or playing games on them.  While Sasha and Emma were outside in the woods to look for both boys they heard crunching sounds of somebody following them.… That person had on a white mask with something in his hand, which looked like an axe.


Both of them split up, without knowing Emma came across the guy standing right in front of her, frightened that a scream didnt come out of her.   She was so scared that she couldn’t move and the guy known as Jason pulled out an axe and then boom off went her head.   Sasha walked back and came to find Emma dead,and while being distracted at the bloody scene something stabbed her in the stomach.   She was screaming in pain and the killer just left her there in the middle of the woods to die.   It was just Brianna and Sam left, both frightened to death because their four friends are no where to be found or returned.  Couple minutes later, a small doll figure ran across the room holding this sharp blade, leaving both of them hugging. This killer name was Chucky and he’s a small evil possessed spirit trapped inside of a doll.   It was so dark in the living room that the figure managed to sneak up behind them and sliced both of their legs off.  Brianna and Sam both screamed in pain as they both fell to the ground with blood squirting everywhere.  All six friends were killed in the country, mainly in a place where nobody would go to.

The author's comments:

This was just an assignment for my english class. 

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