Obliteration Forest

October 16, 2017
By writingislife92017 GOLD, Lancaster, Ohio
writingislife92017 GOLD, Lancaster, Ohio
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Zoey's conflict destroys her on the inside. seeing what happened to her parents. Thinking if it is a dream or real life. what do you think?

Chapter 1: Obliteration Forest

Deep in the unilluminated forest lies the departed bodies. Zoey stands in the middle of them. Looking around, the smell lingering. She sees her parents in the distance. "Mom!? Dad!?" she ran to them. Out of nowhere blood covers there body and they slowly rot in front of her...Zoey watches startled. Tears streams down her face. Her parents mouths widen, their howling screams fill the forest. The bodies slowly sit up, joining her parents booming scream. The screams filling her ears. She darts into the forest away from the incarnated bodies. The further she ran the quieter they got. She comes to a stop standing underneath a beautiful tree. The only magnificent thing standing in the forest. She puts her hand on her knees and started panting heavily. "w...what is happening?" She asks herself. It was soon turning night and she noticed millions and millions of stars filling the sky. Lighting up the night.

Chapter 2: The End

This place was absolutely beautiful a night. She slowly walk up to the clear water, she bent over and cupped her hands drinking the water. She softly smiles satisfied of the feeling of cold water running down her throat. Zoey slowly stands up noticing the water was suddenly tinged pink. She watches a body floating by. Zoey screams and bends over gagging. She slowly stood back up, the water clear again. "Am i hallucinating?" Her heart pounds, palms sweating. The sound of screams slowly moving up. She looks around fast, not telling where the screams were coming from. Suddenly over one hundred bodies surround her. They scream moving closer. Zoey hands collapse to her ears as she falls to her knees. Her parents in front of her. She looks up slowly her eyes widen. Zoey started screaming loud. "Zoey? Zoey?!" She felt hands shaking her still body. She jumps up and pants hard. Her eyes examine her room. The forest was gone. "It was a dream?" She asks relieved. Her parents hover over her. Zoey grabs them both into a hug. Crying on their shoulders.

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