Halloween Horror

October 12, 2017
By FaithKazamias BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
FaithKazamias BRONZE, Ormond Beach, Florida
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     On October 30, 2007. I was seven. It was mischief night. Everything was dark, gloomy, and deathly. I knew something bad was going to happen. The clock struck midnight. It was officially Halloween, my favorite holiday. I decided to go to bed so I could get prepared for trick-or–treating. Free candy was awesome. Even though my parents never let me have it. As I made my way under my warm cozy sheets, the wind was gusting, the thunder was booming, and the lightning struck. I was thankful to be under the protection of my blanket.
     I woke from my death sleep with a start. Staggering into the kitchen I go. The clock chimes, startling me as it rings its cacophonous notes. I stopped, looked to the right and couldn’t will myself to look away. The clock struck two thirty-three. I waited for some time more, but it still never moved.
     Suddenly I hear a faint knocking sound. I continue to move towards the clock. Mesmerized by the fast, loud, ticking. Although the clock wasn’t moving.
     I found my eyes drawn to the chimney. I squat down and gaze into the darkness. Strangely enough there didn’t seem to be any rain coming from it. I got closer and there it was. A drop of rain. I go to wipe it off but it wasn’t rain. It was blood. Startled I fall back, the floor meeting my rear.
     Forcing myself to ignore the pain. Another set of knocks met the door. Terrified of what’s behind it. I sprint as fast as I can, headed towards my parents’ room, passing the door as I go.
     The knocks increased their pace and volume giving me a cold chill up my spine.
     The knocks met the door one more time only this time there was one more,
     Spooked I see a shadow.
     A very dark, creepy shadow.
     Clueless of what’s there, I open it. But there was nothing.

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