The Oakwood Murders

July 11, 2017
By Anonymous

It was a beautiful day, something no one would expect on the day of the death of Oakwood’s  most beloved student and friend. Everyone determined that the student got into a car crash seeing the car on the side of the road but nobody had ever expected foul play to be an option. But they were wrong. What the townspeople didn’t know was that the sheriff and everyone else involved in the investigation were keeping the details secret as to not worry the citizens. Another mistake.
           School was still mandatory after everyone found out about the death, something that outraged the town and its people. The next morning the whole town had found out from the students to the adults at work that day. Everyone was scared wondering what happened to the town’s sweetheart but the police and news reports assured people that it was a simple car crash and people who weren’t involved with the victim or didn’t know her just moved on. That wasn’t the case for her friends at Oakwood High School. School was still mandatory that morning ,the whole school filled with sorrow, but none more than the best friends, Lydia Ross and Bobby Connell. They just couldn’t believe that this had happened and since Lydia was the daughter of the sheriff she was the only one that knew the truth. She found out the minute it happened, her father asking her to promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone until the police knew the full story. So she agreed. Turning over to the other person in the group she asked,”Are you okay?” seeing as how Bobby was a lot closer to Rosalie than she was and although she was close she got to the group third so she wasn’t as close to them. “Do you know anything? Did your dad tell you anything?” ,he asked with clear anger not keeping a level head about any of this since he and the victim had known eachother since they were infants and went on playdates together. “No he hasn’t told me anything yet” she said clearly lying,”He’s keeping this whole thing under wraps.” Bobby just knew there was something else going on and he was going to find out what it was.
         There was a party that week, the principal and everyone trying to keep the student’s minds off of the death that hit everyone hard. Seeing as more information had been found the sheriff had to come clean  and told the town that they had found a stab wound and it was kind of obvious that murder was involved. Bobby was beyond furious, calling up Lydia sure that she had known. “Why wouldn’t you tell me!”, he yelled through the phone. “I’m so sorry. My dad made me promise.” she shouted, “I wanted to tell you, I just couldn’t.” He didn’t accept this excuse and hung up the phone.
          The next day the two ex-friends ignored each other, both being angry at eachother. It wasn’t until the dance that the two would finally confront each other. The school seemed in spirits at the dance seeming to completely ignore the facts of the murder and having moved on despite it only have been a week. Lydia stomped over the second she spotted Bobby and dragged him out of the dance, fully prepared for some yelling. He grabbed his wrist forcefully from her hand and was planning on going back into the dance if it wasn’t for her pestering him again.”What do you want?”, he asked ,” I told you I’m so- wait did you hear that?” Lydia was completely frightened even though her dad told her that the murderer wasn’t going to strike again she couldn’t shake the feeling. “I can’t believe you you could have just told me.” Bobby yelled. Completely losing her train of thought she yelled right back at him. The two consumed by their anger, screaming in the back of the darkened parking lot never even noticed the hooded figure make its way behind them.
        The next morning Lydia Ross and Bobby Connell were found dead in the school parking lot and after months of searching for the killer the investigation was closed, the killer never having been found.

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